I’ve had the honor of coaching women and men of all ages and life stages experiencing a wide variety of life transitions: From career changes to parenting to divorce to geographical moves to health & wellness to long-term life planning.

Here are some of their reflections on our coaching journeys…


My coaching experience with Helen not only drove me to take action and make a needed career transition, but also to be a better and more present mother and wife. At the time I started coaching sessions with Helen, I felt overwhelmed and stuck – trying my best to be a good worker, wife, friend, and most importantly, mother – and feeling I wasn’t succeeding in any of these roles. With her calm, caring and directive style, she helped lead me on a journey to understand what I valued most, and create an action plan to embrace those values. Ultimately, working with her drove me to make changes that led me and my family to a happier and more peaceful life. I would highly recommend her coaching services to all who are experiencing the greatest joy and the greatest challenge that is motherhood, and especially those who need that extra push to discover their next best step.  

Laura, San Francisco, CA


Helen’s coaching style is just wonderful. She walks you though all your goals and lets you come up with the best possible game plan that works for you and your personality. She makes sure you stay true to yourself while pushing you to always better yourself to reach any goal! I couldn’t have gotten as far as I have in my career without her amazing help. I definitely recommend her to all my friends and colleagues who are planning on making any big changes in their lives or they just need someone to talk things out without judgment (but with a whole lot of expertise)!

Tanya Velazquez, Chicago, IL


While working with Helen I could feel her enthusiasm for coaching and that her support was genuine.  Helen was encouraging and appreciated that improvement takes effort.  She worked with me to plan how I could accomplish steps that brought me closer to my goal.  Helen sincerely celebrated my accomplishments (no matter how small) and gently pushed me to keep developing them into more positive results.

Dawn, Wilmington, DE


Coaching from Helen has been a transformational experience. Her inquisitive nature hones in on what’s really going on and empowers life changes. She is truly committed to your success and integrates a solid foundation of life and education experience with coaching tools to break through personal, work and health related issues. She demonstrates a true compassion for her clients and holds a ‘no judgment’ space that enables you to speak your truth – honoring your agenda and journey. I am a better person for knowing and being coached by Helen.

Laura Lee Fanello, Lemont, IL


Working with Helen always made me feel calmer and more clear. I was going through a big change in my life, divorce, and Helen in her insightful and compassionate wisdom had a habit of asking the right questions at the right time; bringing light to corners I was struggling with and also leaving spaces for me to think. She helped me to understand situations and also create plans of action. I will always be grateful for her guidance and support and recommend her to anyone who is experiencing “big life” transitions.

– Laura Carroll, Chicago, IL