Benefits of coaching

The coaching relationship is collaborative and tailored to support you through leadership and life transitions to create the life you want.  As the client, you retain the power to set the agenda and change course if you decide that is what is best for you.

As your coach, I won’t give you advice or judge your decisions, but instead encourage and challenge you as you formulate your path to success.

Here are some ways you can benefit from coaching:

  • Identify and prioritize your values
  • Make choices that feel right for you– no matter what others have told you is the “right” thing to do
  • Define a vision for your leadership style and develop the behaviors and habits to support it
  • Uncover and unleash your passions and creativity
  • Build momentum to create lasting change through small steps taken each day
  • Learn to be gentle and compassionate with yourself during times of transformation and growth
  • Balance competing priorities, understanding that there is always enough time for the most important things your life
  • Explore your options and feelings in a safe place
  • Harness your energy levels for greater life satisfaction
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Examine where stress and anxiety is occurring, as it often serves as our best red flag that something in our life is off balance or not in alignment with our values
  • Set, prioritize and achieve your goals
  • Establish and nurture healthy boundaries in your most important or impactful relationships

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