What is coaching?

The addition of a trained and compassionate coach to your support system is life changing.  You will leave each session feeling supported, energized, and with clear next steps.

Coaching is unlike any other relationship you have in your life.  A coach is the only person who has no agenda other than to support your unique needs, desires, and goals.

As your coach, my main purpose is to listen to what you really want and help you to create and carry out a path to get there.  Our sessions will be sacred times when you can focus back in on yourself, take a deep breath, and rebalance your life.

Coaching is not therapy.

Therapy can be helpful in looking back on the past, working through residual pain and feelings, and addressing mental illness. Often, the goal in therapy is to return an individual to a healthy functional state. Coaching and therapy can work hand in hand; however, coaching approaches life in the “here and now” and focuses on the future, taking an individual from functional to optimal.

Coaching offers you a different kind of support than friends or family can provide.

Friends, family and partners, although very important people, are not able to provide us everything we need to succeed.  They are, understandably, focused on their own busy lives and often try to fix our problems by giving advice.  This can be helpful at times, but very few friends will have the skills necessary to help you find peace, no matter how well intentioned.  Partners and family members are critical support too, but they can often be part of the issues you’d like to address.

As your coach, I will act as your partner and guide.

We will work together to create a safe place for you to explore issues that you might not have time to reflect on during the busyness of the day-to-day.  I will listen deeply for the meaning behind your words, to help you gain clarity around what you really want and how to best achieve it.

Coaching keeps you accountable to your plan of action.

Many people lack the support they need to turn personal goals into long-term reality. A coach is someone who has your back.  Without judgment or expectation, we’ll review your progress during each session and build momentum in a way that feels positive to you.

In a coaching session, I love asking questions.

You might hear: What are your values and how are you living in alignment with them today?  What is your ideal vision for your leadership or organization? How could you change things to create more joy in your life? What are your goals and vision for the future? What is getting in the way of success? What are some examples of past successes that could help your current situation?

Coaching can change your life.

I believe in the coaching process and have experienced the benefits in my own life. That is why I’m so honored to share it with you. See if coaching is right for you – sign up for a complimentary session by completing the form on the Connect page.